Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Protocol Analyzer in Load Runner 12.0

Protocol is the per-requisite of script creation for Load/Performance Testing.

Protocol Adviser: In case you aren’t sure about application protocol, you can use Load runner’s protocol adviser feature. The best way is to confirm whether protocol is detected by LR is correct, contact the developers.

Before recording any new script the Tester must be aware of the protocol used by the application. Hence if we are unsure, we can the feature provided by Load Runner 12.0 to detect application protocol.

Steps to use Protocol Analyzer in Load Runner 12.0

1. Navigate to Record Tab - > Protocol Adviser -> Analyze Application


2. After clicking on Analyze application, Load Runner will prompt the below pop up box.


3. Select the radio button Web Browser or Windows Application depending on the nature of the application.

4. In case it’s a windows application, you will have to provide te path of application.


5. In case it’s a web browser, provide the URL of the application.

6. Click on start Analyzing button and record the application.

7. The Protocol analyzer will detect the protocol and suggest the same.