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SQL Basics

What is SQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language
SQL lets you access and manipulate databases
SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard

What Can SQL do?

SQL can execute queries against a database
SQL can retrieve data from a database
SQL can insert records in a database
SQL can update records in a database
SQL can delete records from a database
SQL can create new databases
SQL can create new tables in a database
SQL can create stored procedures in a database
SQL can create views in a database
SQL can set permissions on tables, procedures, and views


RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System.

RDBMS is the basis for SQL, and for all modern database systems such as MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft Access.

The data in RDBMS is stored in database objects called tables.

A table is a collection of related data entries and it consists of columns and rows.

Some of The Most Important SQL Commands

SELECT - extracts data from a database
UPDATE - updates data in a database
DELETE - deletes data from a database
INSERT INTO - inserts new data into a database
CREATE DATABASE - creates a new database
ALTER DATABASE - modifies a database
CREATE TABLE - creates a new table
ALTER TABLE - modifies a table
DROP TABLE - deletes a table
CREATE INDEX - creates an index (search key)
DROP INDEX - deletes an index

SQL SELECT Statement

The SELECT statement is used to select data from a database.

The result is stored in a result table, called the result-set.


SELECT column_name,column_name
FROM table_name;

SELECT * FROM table_name;

Eg: SELECT CustomerName,City FROM Customers;
Eg:SELECT * FROM Customers;


In a table, a column may contain many duplicate values; and sometimes you only want to list the different (distinct) values.

The DISTINCT keyword can be used to return only distinct (different) values.


SELECT DISTINCT column_name,column_name
FROM table_name;


The SQL WHERE Clause

The WHERE clause is used to extract only those records that fulfill a specified criterion.


SELECT column_name,column_name
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name operator value;

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE CustomerID=1;

Operators in The WHERE Clause
The following operators can be used in the WHERE clause:

Operator    Description
=    Equal
<>    Not equal. Note: In some versions of SQL this operator may be written as !=
>    Greater than
<    Less than
>=    Greater than or equal
<=    Less than or equal
BETWEEN    Between an inclusive range
LIKE    Search for a pattern
IN    To specify multiple possible values for a column

The SQL AND & OR Operators

The AND operator displays a record if both the first condition AND the second condition are true.

The OR operator displays a record if either the first condition OR the second condition is true.

Eg: for AND operator
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE Country='Germany'
AND City='Berlin';

Eg: for OR operator
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City='Berlin'
OR City='München';

Eg: for both AND and OR
SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE Country='Germany'
AND (City='Berlin' OR City='München');

The SQL ORDER BY Keyword

The ORDER BY keyword is used to sort the result-set by one or more columns.

The ORDER BY keyword sorts the records in ascending order by default.
To sort the records in a descending order, you can use the DESC keyword.


SELECT column_name,column_name
FROM table_name
ORDER BY column_name,column_name ASC|DESC;

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
ORDER BY Country,CustomerName;


The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new records in a table.


It is possible to write the INSERT INTO statement in two forms.

The first form does not specify the column names where the data will be inserted, only their values:

INSERT INTO table_name
VALUES (value1,value2,value3,...);
The second form specifies both the column names and the values to be inserted:

INSERT INTO table_name (column1,column2,column3,...)
VALUES (value1,value2,value3,...);

Eg: INSERT INTO Customers
VALUES ('Cardinal','Tom B. Erichsen','Skagen 21','Stavanger','4006','Norway');
or this SQL statement (including column names):

Eg :INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName, ContactName, Address, City, PostalCode, Country)
VALUES ('Cardinal','Tom B. Erichsen','Skagen 21','Stavanger','4006','Norway');

Eg: INSERT INTO Customers (CustomerName, City, Country)
VALUES ('Cardinal', 'Stavanger', 'Norway');

**he CustomerID column is an AutoNumber field and is automatically updated with a unique number
for each record in the table.

AutoNumber is a type of data used in Microsoft Access tables to generate an automatically incremented
numeric counter. The default AutoNumber type has a start value of 1 and an increment of1.

The SQL UPDATE Statement

The UPDATE statement is used to update existing records in a table.


UPDATE table_name
SET column1=value1,column2=value2,...
WHERE some_column=some_value;

Eg: UPDATE Customers
SET ContactName='Alfred Schmidt', City='Hamburg'
WHERE CustomerName='Alfreds Futterkiste';

The SQL DELETE Statement

The DELETE statement is used to delete rows in a table.


DELETE FROM table_name
WHERE some_column=some_value;

Eg: DELETE FROM Customers
WHERE CustomerName='Alfreds Futterkiste' AND ContactName='Maria Anders';

Delete All Data
It is possible to delete all rows in a table without deleting the table.
This means that the table structure, attributes, and indexes will be intact:

DELETE FROM table_name;


DELETE * FROM table_name;

The SELECT TOP clause is used to specify the number of records to return.

The SELECT TOP clause can be very useful on large tables with thousands of records.
Returning a large number of records can impact on performance.

Note: Not all database systems support the SELECT TOP clause.

SQL Server / MS Access Syntax

SELECT TOP number|percent column_name(s)
FROM table_name;

SQL SELECT TOP Equivalent in MySQL and Oracle
MySQL Syntax

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
LIMIT number;

FROM Persons
Oracle Syntax

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
WHERE ROWNUM <= number;

FROM Persons

Eg: SELECT TOP 2 * FROM Customers;


The SQL LIKE Operator
The LIKE operator is used to search for a specified pattern in a column.
 The "%" sign is used to define wildcards (missing letters) both before and after the pattern.


SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name LIKE pattern;

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE 's%';--------selects all customers with a City starting with the letter "s"

Eg : SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '%s';--------selects all customers with a City ending with the letter "s"

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE Country LIKE '%land%';-------selects all customers with a Country containing the pattern "land"

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE Country NOT LIKE '%land%';---selects all customers with a Country NOT containing the pattern "land"

SQL Wildcards
SQL wildcards is used to substitute one or more characters when searching for data in a database.

Note: SQL wildcards must be used with the SQL LIKE operator!

With SQL, the following wildcards can be used:

%--A substitute for zero or more characters
_--A substitute for exactly one character
[charlist]----Any single character in charlist

[!charlist]----Any single character NOT in charlist

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE 'ber%';

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '%es%';

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '_erlin';---selects customer in the city that starts
 with any character, followed by "erlin" from the "Customers" table

Eg; SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE 'L_n_on';-----selects customers in the city that starts with a "L", followed by any character,
followed by "n", followed by any character, followed by "on", from the "Customers" table

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '[bsp]%';--------selects customers in cities starting with "b", "s", or "p" from the "Customers" table

Eg: SELECT * FROM Customers
WHERE City LIKE '[!bsp]%';------selects companies in cities NOT starting with "b" or "s" or "p" from the "Customers

he IN Operator
The IN operator allows you to specify multiple values in a WHERE clause.

SQL IN Syntax

SELECT column_name(s)
FROM table_name
WHERE column_name IN (value1,value2,...)

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Testing Job in Pune : April 2015

Hi !Hope you are doing well !!

Those who are interested in contract to hire only can apply.SourceOne ( would be closing many candidates on :HP Performance Center @ Pune Location (4 - 6 yrs). 

Candidates willing to join SourceOne on permanent roll and deployed at TOP MNC,

Kindly send your updated cvs with below input if you would be interested for this opportunity and attend interview:
Present Location
Total IT exp:
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Current Salary:
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present company name:
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willing to join SourceOne in 15 to 20 days after selection (Y/N):
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Testing Job in Pune : April 2015

We are having an urgent opening for Selenium Testing_Exp-3+Yrs_Pune job location for our CMM Level 5 client.

If you are interested or want to apply for above mentioned requirement, please share your details with any reference of any friends or colleagues interested for the same openings.:- Total Experience: 
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Testing Job in Pune : April 2015

We have an urgent multiple openings for Automation with Selenium with Leading IT Organization.

Role: Automation with Selenium 

Job Location: Pune

Tot Exp: 4 to 9 Yrs

Note: We are looking a candidate who can join within 15 to 20 days not more than that.Note: who can be available for F2F either on Friday 10th April or Saturday, 11th April'15.

*Experience of test automation assessment & automation solution creation and Consulting* Experience of building Test automation Strategy and roadmap.* Experience of building test automation frameworks and reusable components.* Hands on experience with multiple automation tools like Selenium, Ruby, Cucumber* Must have hands on experience with VB scripting.* Experience in Test Management tools like QC/ALM.* Should provide technical guidance to the team.* Should lead a team and also willing to work as an individual contributor.* Good Experience in Test Management tools like QC/ALM.* Good communication skills, good client interfacing skills.

If interested, please revert back with updated resume and CTC details at

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Testing Job in Pune : April 2015

Hi! Hope you are doing well!!

One of the fastest growing company from India needs many candidates for " Performance testing"for PUNEWORK LOCATION:PUNE

Your employment with Source One would be permanent after selection and would be deputed at multi b$ MNC for a long term project. Salary and long term career opportunity with Source One would be excellent.Kindly send your updated CV with below input if you would be interested for this opportunity.

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If not please specify reason for not working:Present Employment (Permanent or Contract):
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Testing Job in Mediaocean, Pune : April 2015

This is permenant opening with Mediaocean for Pune location.About Mediaocean-Media Ocean is US based product company.

These products are used by Advertisigng Holding Companies which is a niche domain. Worldwide there are 1000 employees and in Pune which is the off-shore dev centre 120 employees operate.One should join this company for highly competitive work culture and casual environment.Exposure to different clients based world wide, and direct interaction with the teams.Other Locations in India / Abroad-Total: 11 Global Offices Head quartered in New yorkEurope: London, Paris, DusseldorfUS: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Louis Ville, TorontoFor more details Pl visit website

Skill-Selenium Testing

Requirements:*Extensive Experience on Selenium Web driver, RC using Java*Hands on experience on design/develop and maintain test automation frameworks*Good exposure to regression/smoke test automation and maintenance*Very Good command on programming and scripting*Strong problem solving abilities, innovative*Very good analytical skills *Knowledge of testing enterprise Web based application*Good Communication skills/ should be able to work independently*Good academic background*Self-Starter, highly motivated and energetic.

Qualifications:*4 Plus years' experience as a software test engineer or software QA engineer involving writing and executing tests, white box testing.If you are interested in this opening kindly send me your updated CV with following details.
Total Exp. 
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Testing Walkin Drive in Pune on 8,9,10 April

We at Xpanxion International Pvt Ltd. are conducting a Weekday - Walkin Drive between 8th April-10th April 2015 for Automation Testing. 

Looking for candidates with 1.5-5 years of experience in Automation Testing, Selenium Webdriver, Java. 

Required skills are: Automation Testing, Java, Selenium Webdriver, Hybrid Framework development experience and good hands on databases. 

Experience : 1.5-5 years

 Date : 8th April, 9th April, 10th April 2015 Time: 9:30 AM (Sharp) - 4:00 PM

 Venue: Xpanxion International Pvt. Ltd. 4th Floor, Server Space, A.G. &Technology Park, Off ITI Road, Near Sarja Hotel, Aundh, Pune - 411007. 

Documents to carry :- 1. Updated CV. 2. Passport Size Photograph. Your resume will be shortlisted based on our requirement before proceeding with interview. There will be programming test, technical interview.

Interested candidates can send me their updated resume at & 

Testing Walkin Drive : Pune : 18 April 2015


Recruitment Drive is scheduled in World's first and only Real Time Value Network Provider Company, One Network Enterprises, An US MNC in Pune for QA -Automation Testing (Selenium, Java}.

Below are the required details of recruitment drive for your further needful:Interview rounds:

Written Test-Based on Java, Automation Testing (90 Minutes) 

Date: Saturday, 18th April 2015

Written Test Time: 10.00AM to 11:30AM

Address:One Network Enterprises (India) Pvt Westend Center III, Survey No. 169/1, 2nd Floor, South Wing, Sector II, Aundh, Pune - 411007, MaharashtraLandmark-CDAC Building//Near DominosContact No: 020 - 30901806 

Contact Person: Lakhwa Dewadiya/Chhaya Kulkarni

Details about Job Role: Job Title: Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer / Sr. QA Engineer

Location: Pune, India

Job Summary:QA Engineer will be a member of the Quality Assurance team for One Network's Supply Chain products. He/She will share responsibilities with the team for testing and certifying all products coming from the development. He/She will also be involved in automating applicable test cases using Selenium or any standard automation tool.Essential Functions:* Analyzing and reviewing technical requirements* Producing test plans and creating test cases* Executing test cases, logging defects* Verifying defect fixes* Producing status reports for release under test* Automating test cases using Selenium or any standard automation toolEducation: B E/B Tech in Computer Science or equivalent

Experience and Skills:* Minimum 2 -8 years' experience in testing of Web applications* Strong analytical problem solving skills* Experience with Selenium RC / Selenium web driver tool* Hands on exp. in Core Java* Knowledge of SQL* Experience in reviewing specifications and creating test plans* Experience in creating test cases from test plans and requirements* Excellent communication (verbal and written) and interpersonal skills* Functional knowledge of supply chains, logistics, order management, etc. is a plus

About One Network:One Network's Real Time Value Network™ provides community based supply chain solutions in the cloud to help customers increase profitability and efficiencies by optimizing their supply chain operations. Our software solutions enable customers to easily collaborate with all their value chain participants on a single network ─ customers, partners, carriers and suppliers.You can visit website for more information.If the above mentioned criteria suits to your expectation and skills you are invited to appear for test and also send your updated CV to LDEWADIYA@ONENETWORK.COM for more information:

Feel free to reply in case of query-02030901806

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Testing Job in Pune @ Sears Holding : March 2015

We have position for Automation QA professionals 

Job Location : Pune

Skills:Job Purpose: Need engineers who are solid in Core Java and are extremely comfortable in Unix/Linux.

If they have an automation experience (Selenium or API) If you are interested in this opportunity,

please send your updated profile with following information.

Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Notice Period:
Can you join in 30 Days (Yes/No)
Total Exp:
Relevant Exp:

Email to

Testing job in Pune @ L&T Infotech : 28 March 2015

Below is the requirement details for your reference -


Experience Level - 4 years to 8 years

JOB DESCRIPTION/JOB RESPONSIBILITIESAutomation Tester* In depth knowledge and hand on experience on Performance Testing using JMeter or Load Runner* Good Communication and proactive attitude * DB Knowledge will be added advantageDesirable:1. Maintain positive relationships with stakeholders2. Practice and display active reading skills3. Practice excellent conflict management skills4. Be assertive5. Make good decisions6. Experience in leading and growing juniors on the team7. Display good problem solving skills8. Be able to set priorities and execute in accordance with such priorities9. Be able to facilitate discussions and meetings10. Is driven to constantly improve their own skills and able to manage themselves11. Able to think outside the box, and see the bigger picture

Please share your profile to

Total IT Experience Performance Testing Experience - 
Available for Technical Interview on Saturday, 28th March 15 -
Current CTC 
Expected CTC 
Notice Period

Current Location